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Alphabetical Listing of Concentrations

Messianic Discipleship Institute has developed the following majors for its students.​

  • Messianic Arts

  • Ministry

  • Biblical Studies

  • Missions and Evangelism

  • Divine Healing

  • Prophetic Ministry

  • Intercession

  • Theology

  • Messianic Counseling

  • Worship Ministry

  • Messianic Entrepreneurship

  • Youth Ministry

  • Messianic Leadership

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Messianic Discipleship Institute Prepares You for the REAL World!

1. Messianic Discipleship Institute’s educational model utilizes the biblical and historically-proven “discipling approach” used by Yeshua.

  • All training rests upon the Bible and the Holy Spirit, and will empower
    you to be a leader who moves with authority.

  • You will experience individualized, specialized, one-on-one mentoring,
    allowing you to develop your unique areas of giftedness and ministry.

  • Your in-depth exploration of what the Bible says about the ministry you
    pursue enables you to become an empowered leader who disciples that area.

  • You multiply personal gifts, making you rise to influential leadership

  • Thirteen majors are offered which lead to accredited Associate’s,
    Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral diplomas, preparing you to disciple

  • Accredited certificate programs are available.

2. Messianic Discipleship Institute’s professors are proven national and international leaders.

  • Only leaders can apprentice you into leadership. For
    example, only someone who moves in the anointing is able to help you learn
    to move in the anointing.

  • Our curriculum was created by and proven in leaders’

  • Our curriculum has the authority of experience. It is
    not theory.

  • Our curriculum flows from life itself, which makes it dynamic
    and life-giving.

  • Your course materials come from today’s “spiritual leaders”!

3. Messianic Discipleship Institute progressively integrates the internet and distance education.

  • You bring our international leaders into the comfort and privacy
    of your living room.

  • Your entire family can grow together because of the
    generous 25% family tuition discounts.

  • You are not forced to uproot yourself and your family,
    putting your life “on hold” while you get an education.

  • You may adjust the speed of your college education to
    your life’s busy demands.

  • Our correspondence keeps our tuition at only 25% of the cost
    of the average traditional college.

  • Through bulletin boards and chat rooms, the internet offers you the
    “community” benefits of a residential college.

  • You can form your own small group in your church or community that meets
    and learns together.

  • You can take courses anytime, anywhere, while
    traveling, on the mission field, or re-locating to a new city or nation.

4. Messianic Discipleship Institute utilizes the Leader’s Paradigm (System) for discovering truth.

  • You will be taught the process that leaders use to make wise, anointed

  • You will begin using that decision-making process yourself.

  • You will learn how to hear the voice of God and how to integrate it into
    every decision you make.

  • You will develop confidence in making wiser, stronger decisions.

  • Wise decisions will usher you into leadership roles and influential

5. Messianic Discipleship Institute honors life experience.

  • The lessons you have learned in life are honored and translated into
    credits, rather than ignored and wasted.

  • Since you are not forced to re-learn lessons you already know, you are
    free to go on to discover new truths.

  • Your educational time and expense are decreased while your learning is

  • Your learning is clarified and validated through the use of ongoing
    practica, making life itself one of your major teachers.

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