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Elul Day 11

Elul Day 11  Adultery v  lust

Another of God’s family rules are that we are not to commit adultery.  We see throughout scripture the importance God’s puts on the marriage bed as the only sacred place to express sexual needs/desires.  Adultery is considered one of the most grievous sins.  It was punishable by death.  Jesus refines sexual immorality to a heart issue by saying that any man that even looks with lust at another woman has already committed adultery in his heart.

This begs us to look at how porn is affecting families today.  It is an addiction that transcends sex, race, socio economic backgrounds and affects young and old alike. There are many support groups out there to help you heal from this.  You may think that your sin is private and does not affect others but that is simply not true.  The way you view the opposite sex and the honor and repsect that you treat them with comes out in your actions and is often handed down to your sons and daughters alike making this a generational sin.  Will you be the generation that stops this curse on your family?

How are you doing allowing God to control your thought life? Are you taking lustful thoughts captive to the obedience of purity. Are you allowing God to teach you how to view the oppositie sex as brothers and sisters in Christ? 

There are many people who have been sexually abused, raped or felt forced into unwanted sex..  This is a grievous act and you may want to reach out for counseling to overcome the overwhelming scars in your life. It is an area that necessitates forgiveness for healing and has many layers.  If this is you, I hope you will seek out a safe person to begin to unpack what has happened to you and begin your healing

In our society today sexual norms are “anything goes” and I mean ANYTHING.  It is a huge opportunity for us to stand out from society and shine the light of Jesus and Kingdom ways.  

How will you set out to preserve the reputation and purity of every person? And use the self-control of the Holy Spirit to reign in the good and natural desires that are God given that should remain within the boundaries of marriage to one partner? How are you proclaiming the Gospel message of being free from sin with your sexuality? Where are you missing the mark?

There are many men and women’s groups to help you with this struggle.  Satan wants you to be embarrassed and ashamed and keep it hidden but the Word reminds us that we can be healed when we bring it before the light and confess and repent. Addictions require a miracle from God...sometimes overnight but most often worked out with others who struggle too.

There is a severe warning about what happens if we do not break the chain of addiction in this area.  In First Corinthians, there is a list of sins that we are warned to not be deceived about.  It lists sexually immoral people and those living in adultery as people that will not be able to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.  DO NOT BE DECEIVED….


Follow the season of Teshuvah during this Month of Elul with Guest blogger Denise Dee Lytle Gibbs who originally posted these blogs on her Facebook page Fall Feast Prayer Initiative.

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