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Elul Day 14

Elul 14 Love it but don’t COVET

Coveting is the obsessive desire or yearning to possess something.  Craving  without regard to another's feelings is another way to phrase it. Is it a feeling or an action? I think Jesus would define it as both in the NT.  Evil desires are what fester inside us until we are enticed to sin. 

Have you ever seen a dog whose treat goes under a counter or piece of furniture.  They get almost frantic to get it out...they won’t leave it alone...they paw and sniff and pursue.  That is the picture I get when I see someone coveting something.  

I believe we see the antidote in Acts where we read that, “All those trusting in Yeshua stayed together and had everything in common. In fact, they sold their property and possessions and distributed the proceeds to all who were in need.”  We are called to be grateful for what we have been given and find contentment in God’s provision. His word says we are blessed with enough to share with others.

There is a story of a woman who was complaining about the cross she had to bear in this life and asked God for another one.  He let her go into the storehouse of crosses in heaven to pick out a new one.  She looked around and found one that was sparkly with many jewels but when she tried to lift it, she could not.  She saw one of plain raw wood and thought it looked light and easy but found that her hand was filled with splinters when she picked it up.  She saw one that was covered with beautiful flowers and thought, “This is the one for’s beautiful” only to find that the hidden thorns tore at her flesh.  After exhausting her search, she cried out to the Lord to give her back the cross she had originally been given. It suited her best.

We so often THINK we want what we do not have but the pursuit of these things leaves us empty and unfulfilled.  We think “if only I had...” “If only I could...” “if only….” The only answer is trusting God to provide what we truly need and find contentment with what we have.  The “more is better” mentality of our society leaves us empty and wanting but God satisfies.  What are the “if only-s” running through your head? Confess and repent and choose contentment and gratefulness.


Follow the season of Teshuvah during this Month of Elul with Guest blogger Denise Dee Lytle Gibbs who originally posted these blogs on her Facebook page Fall Feast Prayer Initiative.

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