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Elul Day 19

Elul 19 Love is not jealous… Love accepts that God has the right to bless others as He pleases.  We are jealous when we envy the accomplishments, qualities or possessions of others.  We think our lives would be better if only we had…..(you fill in the blank).  True love esteems others as higher than ourselves and finds joy when others succeed or receive blessings. Frankly, the body of Christ is like a football team...we are all on the same squad!  Everyone has their own talents and has been assigned to their own position to carry out their role in each “down.”  It is essential that each person performs their duty as best as possible to advance the ball or have an effective defense.  If you are aware of your giftings, your God given talents and your role in the body you will be more likely to find contentment.  You are uniquely designed for your part and NO ONE can complete it like you! Before you judge that someone has a “better deal” than you perhaps you should walk a mile in their shoes.  Blessings come with challenges.  Being on the outside looking in means we often never fully realize the opposition that can be inherent to each gift from God. Jealousy can come from from our inadequacies, low self-esteem, fragile egos or past traumas.  It is considered a survival mechanism.   Its impact on relationships can be deadly as it can be fueled  by intense emotions.  It is a painful emotion that seeks immediate resolution.  It often shows up when  a person feels the need for more attention.   It can be a warning sign to a partner that the other partner is being unfaithful.  God is “jealous.” He wants our undivided attention first and foremost.  We studied the commandment “have no other gods before me.”  He calls Himself our husband and reminds us of our covenant relationship with Him. We are constantly unfaithful to God and must confess and repent to restore the relationship. Are you the jealous type?  What is the root cause and how can God help you heal?  Have you been unfaithful in a relationship and provoked someone to jealousy?  Can you go to that person and ask for forgiveness?  What about your relationship with God?  Is there anything that you are doing that might be provoking God’s jealousy?  Faithfulness and trust are essential for healthy relationships and preclude jealousy. How can you improve your loyalty and trustworthiness?


Follow the season of Teshuvah during this Month of Elul with Guest blogger Denise Dee Lytle Gibbs who originally posted these blogs on her Facebook page Fall Feast Prayer Initiative.

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