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Parashat Noach- “Noah”

Parashat Noach- “Noah”

Bereshit/Genesis 6: 9-22,

Haftarah Isaiah 66: 1-3,

Brit Chadashah Matthew 24: 1-21

9. This is the history of the Generations of Noach. Noach was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time. Noach walked with God. 10. Noach became the father of three sons: Shem, Cham, and Yefet. 11. The earth was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. 12. God saw the earth, and saw it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth. 13. God said to Noach, “The end of all flesh has come before me, for the earth is filled with violence through them. Behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

Shalom Aleichem! Brothers and Sister in Yeshua our Messiah! The Brit Chadasha tells us that in the last days it will be like the days of Noach/Noah, according to Matthew 24: 37-39. Yeshua said and in the days of Noah, thus will be the coming of the Son of man. 38. For as they were before deluge, eating and drinking and taking women and giving them in marriage to men up to the day that Noah enter the ark. 39. And they did not know until the deluge came and took them all, thus will be the coming of the Son of Man. This prophesy Yeshua prophesied from the Brit Chadasha/Matthew points directly to the Torah/Genesis 6. This is a dire warning, that is missed from generation to generation.

The events that manifested itself in Noach days, has increased its attack on humans then and now. With that be stated, there is an unforeseen force that has entered humanity and for that fact creation itself. Adonai said something profound, Genesis 3: 22 And Adonai said, “Behold man has become like the Unique one among us, Knowing GOOD/YETZER TOV and BAD/YETZER HARA; and now, lest he put forth his hand and take also of the Tree of Life, and eat and live forever. Two Hebrew and Hebraic words should standout immediately Good/Yetzer and Bad/Yetzer Hara and again they are missed and overlooked and carry powerful meanings and great understanding pertaining to the past events in Noach/Noah’s time and the current events today.

Now let’s review what Adonai said! In Genesis 6, the earth was corrupt before him, and the earth was filled with violence. Now, what entered the Earth that has dominion of mankind, the animal kingdom and yes, the earth itself? The simple answer you would say is sin. And you would be very right in your answer. But we must go deeper in the text and the nature of the Word of Adonai to get a better understanding of Sin and what activates its activities in the course of mankind. The actions of Adam and Eve was an act of TREASON, Punishable by death.

As a result, we are Born in sin and shaped in iniquity, due to their disobedience to the commandment of Adonai. As we live and see today in the twenty-first century, corruption and violence and surge to and all time high all around the world, no one is immune to attack of the enemy. So, let’s deal with this Sin in relationship to corruption and violence, now let’s turn to Genesis 4:6-7 And Adonai said to Kayin, “why are you annoyed, and why has your countenance fallen? 7. Surely, if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven. But if you do not improve yourself, SIN RESTS AT THE DOOR. ITS DESIRE IS TOWARD YOU, “YET YOU CAN CONQUER IT.”

This is missed by so many believers in the body of the Messiah almost on all levels. Abba! Father revealed a powerful standard that he declared, You, can conquer it! Ok! Conquer what? Sin! Allow me to advise you this go’s deeper, let me explain. Who are you conquering? And what is it? As a messianic Believer, to understand the Torah, make no mistake! It is written in Hebrew and has a Hebraic concept. Therefore, I would encourage you to study Torah in Hebrew/English, so you have a greater understanding of the Holy Tongue,

Sin rest at the door, its desire is toward you. (Yetzer Harah) the evil inclination, this is what waits at the door. And its influence begins for mankind, when a child rather he or she is born from the womb the mother. Thus, born in sin and shaped in iniquity. Because of the disobedience of Adam and Eve, the evil inclination, attaches itself to the child as he or she passes through the doors of birth. How could the world become corrupt and full of violence, so much so that Adonai saw fit to destroy his creation. We are talking about creation from the heavens to the Earth. Our Heavenly Father/Abba knew that this was going to take place. Adonai is not slack concerning his promise, as some count slackness, but is long-suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. Adonai is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, our creator knew Adam and Eve would fail their test, and he had plan for his creation to overcome sin or antidote.

The evil inclination was created make no mistake about that, would not make since that our heavenly father have a counter agent to deal with it. The answer is Yes! THE TORAH is it antidote. If you involve/study yourself in Torah, you will not fall into his hands. Listen, if you improve yourself, you will prevail. But if you do not involve/live yourselves in Torah, you will fall into his hands, as it says, but if you do not improve/live yourself, SIN RESTS AT THE DOOR. Let’s go a step further, the evil inclination turns all his attention to you, remember its desire is toward you! Adonai say you can conquer it.

And it is clear, in Noach/Noah day, that generation failed the test, because they choose to reject the Good/Yetzer Tov the Good Inclination which is the Holiness in man that inspires him to perform good deeds/works. Which guides you to our heavenly father and his Torah. And the Bad/Yetzer Hara the evil inclination which is the impurity in man that induces him to transgress. That generation choose to operate with violence and corruption before Adonai, which resulted in the annihilation of mankind as they new it.

Thousands of years later, as the days of Noach/Noah is approaching this generation, we have and advocate his name is Yeshua Mashiach who is the Word/Torah of Adonai made flesh. With help and aid of comforter the Ruach ha-kodesh who will guide us to Yeshua and to all truths. Keep in mind, as we await our messiah Yeshua, we have and awesome responsibility to prepare for his arrival, we are to teach and train all believers about who the King of King of Kings is. Here is a Golden Key: we are to teach our children to discuss them, while you sit in your home, while you walk on the way, when you retire and when you arise. Deuteronomy 11:19, train the youth according to his ways; even when he grows old, he will not swerve from it.

Most ministries have come to conclusion that the Torah has been done away with, and that is simple not the case. Yeshua has come to show us the way, he is the Truth, the way, and the light. No one comes to the father but, by him. Remember he said if you love him, keep his commandments, it is not what would Yeshua do! IT’S WHAT HE HAS ALLREADY DONE! Bare fruit that is worthy of him to be praised! That your light shine, that you set-apart countenance will reveal who you really are, while those who are in darkness can see a beacon light and we can lead them our Master Yeshua Mashiach. Until we meet again may, the grace and power of our mighty G-d Adonai rest, rule and abound with us in Yeshua Name.


Footnote: there are seven names that are given to the Evil Inclination, that can be found in the Tanach and the Brit Chadasha, I encourage you to examine the scriptures and study to show yourself approved by Adonai. Amen. 1. Adonai addressed the evil inclination as Evil, implying a force that takes you down. 2. Moses addressed the evil inclination as Uncircumcised, implying a concealing shield over the inner point of the heart. 3. King David addressed the evil inclination as impure, impurity implies contact with death, sadness. 4. King Solomon addressed the evil inclination as hater, your evil inclination hates you, and it makes you hate others. 5. Isaiah address the evil inclination as Obstacle, your evil inclination gets in your way and you’re likely to trip over it. 6. Ezekiel address the evil inclination as Stone, the flesh of your heart, your sensitivity and feeling, turns into stone. 6. Joel address addressed the evil inclination as Subconscious, the evil that can be uprooted only by Adonai, for you are unaware of it.

And the Brit Chadasha; Roman 7: 14-21 for we know, the Torah is of the Spirit, but I am carnal, and sold to sin. 15. For what I am doing, I do not know: and what I would, I do not perform; but what I hate, that I do. 16. And if I do what I would not, I testify of Torah, that it is right. 17. And then, it is no more I who do the thing, BUT SIN WHICH DWELLS IN ME. 18. For I know that in me THAT IS, IN MY FLESH. Good/Yetzer Tov dwells not: because, to approve the good is easy for me; but to do it, I am unable. 19. For I do not perform the good which I perform, but the Bad/Yetzer Harah which I would not perform, that I do perform. 20. And if I do what I would not, it is not I that do it. But sin which dwells in me. 21. I find therefore a Torah coinciding with my Conscience which agrees to my doing Good/Yetzer Tov, whereas Evil/Yetzer Harah is near to me.

The Apostle Paul, did in fact address the fact of an unseen force that is wage war with us as believers, many have overlooked this fact and must be addressed to overcome the attacks of the enemy. Remember it states from within.

Robert L. Bell


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